so i googled ghost towns on the internet. (i know- you don't even have to say it) and it gave me this place called ophir. which ironically wasn't too far way from the drovers favorite beef jerky stop- so at least he agreed to humor me and come along for the ride. well the internet lied. ophir isn't exactly a ghost town. its more of an old mining town. well it is an old mining town that people still live in but i'm sure it has no more than ten year around residents. we saw two other cars the whole time we were there- well it was the same car twice so that doesn't that really count. and the part i really wanted to see was still closed for the winter. ahh but at least i got to spend the day with the drover and mr. dog on an adventure enjoying the warmth and sunshine. 


(coalmine- sara evans) 


Anonymous said...

great pictures! jon and i love to explore around that area too, our favorite place is jacob city. it's only ruins now, but still eerie!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Cool pictures Whit! Are you still up for baby & mama shots? She is growing so fast!!

Lace said...

That's funny Whitney! We have been camping up there a couple times, we have a friend who's uncle lives up there right outside one of the coalmine shafts. I've heard lots of ghostly stories about it!


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