halfway gone. 

the park is open today. and i'm stuck here in the city. its depressing to say the least. i'm holding onto the thought that maybe next month we will make it there. 
and in two months we are going here

p.s watch out for the black and white bears running through the grass. they climb in your car without warning and beg for food. oh and they really love buffalo. really. 

{halfway gone- lifehouse}


Lace said...

Oh Whitney! I am truely jealous now! You are going to Glacier? Wow it is absolutely gorgeous up there! I have not been to Glacier, I have been to Kalispell (right by Glacier- Glacier has been closed every time we've been) and it is my FAVORITE place on earth! Have fun!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I am jealous! I am embarrassed to admit I have never even been to Yellowstone! Oh my!


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