the violet hour. 

earlier this week (before the rain and snow) my mom, my sister in law, and myself ventured out to the tulip festival . (the drover absolutely could not be talked into this one) it was a much needed afternoon with the girls. we walked, talked, looked at flowers, took pictures, found the secret garden, and sat on the grass and ate cotton candy. ahh lovely. (probably a good thing drover stayed home) if you have never been to the tulip festival or the gardens i would highly recommend it. they are beautiful. 

{the violet hour-sea wolf}


Luana said...

I have heard about the tulip festival but will never get there. Thanks Whit for letting me see some of the flowers.

Tia said...

good pics. that was way fun! i already put them as my background at work!!!

Meg and Brad said...

And you should definitely enter their photo contest!!! The pics are great - and Brad and I are going for the first time tomorrow! Can't wait! Thanks for the preview!


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