the women with you. 

She hit the door 6:55 sack full of groceries split down the side.
Can goods scattered all the way to the curb.
Look on her face saying don't say a word.
So, it's me and her and a can of beans sitting there on the front porch swing.
Western sky all turning red.
Head on my shoulder she sighed and said:

Been gopherin, chaufferin, company chairmen.
Coffee maker, Copy repairman.
Anymore there ain't nothin I swear man that I don't do.
Been juggling, struggling, closing big deals.
Dancing backwards in high heels.
Just when it feels like i can't make it through.
She said it sure is nice to just be the woman with you

drover- somedays it sure is nice to just be the woman with you.

{the women with you- kenny chesney} 

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