feel that fire.

over the holiday weekend- we worked. no fun camping or adventures for us. hmmm i guess on occasion we have to be adults. on the actual holiday we had big plans to spend the evening in the mountains making lots and lots of smores. well turns out everyone else had the same plans- we couldn't find an open campfire site and since you aren't allowed to have an open flame in the hills above our house we settled for the backyard. it was still fun. we got to hang out with family. mr. dog got ash in his hair-he is lucky his tail didn't catch on fire while he was begging treats from his grandma. the hot dogs were good. oh and did i mention the drover doesn't eat hot dogs (true baseball fan- i think not) in the pictures below you will witness him cooking his hamburger on a spatula over the open flame. men- sometimes i swear. the smores were exceptionally delicious. and we all came home smelling like campfire. ahh a lovely evening. 

can i tell you why i love this picture... here is my brother being his typical odd self with who knows what on his head- doing who knows what. and there sits his lovely wife unfazed by his weirdness- as if everything is completely normal. 

{feel that fire- dierks bentley} 

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Anonymous said...

ha! i love that about tia too! so cute! Looks like a good time!


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