the end to a lovely weekend. life just seems to catch up too quickly. we needed a weekend away. away from it all. recharge my soul a little. so we went. to the open fresh clean air. just me and my boys. we rode for hours and hours in car. most of the time with windows rolled down- hair in a tangled mess. we managed our way through 1536 songs on the ipod- (but only the ones we really loved) sometimes we rode in complete silence just listening to the nothingness. time away together made me fall deeper in love with the drover. it made me realize i need to try and enjoy life like mr. dog does full of fun, new adventures, happiness and love. and when we got tired we napped in the back of our cute little suv listening to the thunder while rain splashed on our legs (because we of course left the hatch back open so we could smell the rain) it was heavenly. and exactly what i needed. more on all this later- for now i'm off to enjoy what is left of the weekend before i wake up and its monday all over again. 


Meg and Brad said...

You could have done all of that at the reunion.........I'm just saying!

Anonymous said...

i am so jealous of all your adventures. you are inspiring me...i'm gonna copy you except instead of a mr. dog i have a mr. gunnar!
and just in case you are heading that way too i will be living by the madison river from thursday to sunday! come stop by, the bison and bears would love to see you...i would love to see you too!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I agree about enjoying life more!
I am so glad you guys had fun!


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