i've fallen ridiculously behind on my 30 days of summer project. i thinking of now calling it just my summer project. (however thats all really beside the point) here's the latest from last weeks farmers market. it was fun- all though i've been hearing of bigger and better farmers markets and i really really want to go to one of those. (drop me a line or two if you know of any good ones) but really- what looks more yummy than those fresh peaches. i want one. right now.  


Travis and Quinci said...

whit, I really like the one at murry park. I use to help my uncle there every year. I dont know what one you go to. but this one is big and nice

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Lets skip those peaches and move right on to those delicious carrots! I think they are darling! LOL
See you tomorrow!
Love, Nicole


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