dear sister in-law, 

i'm very sorry its taking me forever to finish your family pictures. mostly its because i've been extremely busy with the day job. and with the other job. and just with life in general. and the small other part is because i'm trying mentally to block out the crazy women we encountered (with her unleashed unneutered male dog) out of my mind. i'm still in shock that she tired to beat me up. seriously. seriously. the only benefit to the whole situation is now i have a really good story to tell. anyways as you can see i'm getting rather close to being done. much closer. hopefully by the time we go to lunch this week you'll have the cd in hand. hopefully. 

love you all 






Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I LOVE them! So far the ones you have up are great! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE them! I am so glad that my crazy color scheme came together so wonderful! I am thankful to you for risking your life to take our family picture! I too will forever have a great story to tell every time I look at the pictures. Thank you I can not wait to see the disk and the rest of them! Thank you again I am thankful you go along with my crazy ideas!

Susan said...

Once again Whit you have out done yourself. Such a cute family and a great photographer!

CoreyandShanda said...

Love these...I mean really LOVE them! They look awesome!
I especially love the bottom one..I think McCall is in lollipop heaven! :)

Vanalee said...

Hi Whitney, I'm Nicole's aunt. I love your photos and decided to comment so you wouldn't think you have a weird stalker in Japan.


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