nothing quite marks the beginning of fall like the state fair. the fair offers the perfect blend of people watching and over priced fattening food. i seriously wait all year for the honey buttered powdered sugar coated scone. my mouth is watering just thinking about it. we've been to the fair twice this year. yeah twice. once with family and today for a little project of mine. (more on that later) both times were defiantly interesting and fun. if you've never experienced the state fair you must go. if only once. 




sheep in shirts. only at the fair. 


and the boys played. lots and lots of games. the drover is addicted to winning the really cheap stuffed animals and mr. dog reaps all the benefits. 




until next year. 


CoreyandShanda said...

I can't wait for the AZ state fair! Ours doesn't start till October when the weather is manageable. :)
I love the lazy cow picture...how funny! I would also totally buy Hunter a raccoon hat...awesome!
Hope you guys are doing awesome!

Meg and Brad said...

My turn's on Saturday and I'm so excited! I wish my cow always looked as clean and pristine as the cows at the fair.....a lofty goal!

Matt & Stacie said...

I just love your photography. Seriously. Such talent- along with an awesome camera :)


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