Somewhere sits my high school sewing teacher (you know the one with the highest pitched squeakiest voice- the very same voice that made me want to shove cotton into my ears on a daily basis- yeah that one) well at this moment she should be very proud. Why? Because i have become domestic. I have officially joined that crazy group of people that hover for hours in the fabric store just looking at the material, dreaming of all the things i could create. (don't worry- i promise to never start sewing my own clothes) However i did make some rather fashionable collars for mr. dog and his fiends. And as usual i went a little overboard and made a lot of collars. (i couldn't stop myself the fabric was all so pretty) So if your in need please let me know- i evidently make dog collars now. oh and i make pillows too but i'm keeping all of those. 



the model. 

When you run out of batting why not cut open an old unused pillow and give it new life! Recycle!! 

best part- i can't wait to tell my grandma w- she is going to be so proud! 


Chelsea said...

Those dog collars are adorable and I CANNOT believe how many you made! I am super impressed. If I had a dog I would definitely want one.

Jon & Jen said...

Love them Whit! I would love to buy one - they are adorable! Email me and I will give you my # so that I can come pay you for one.

Brooke said...

Okay I am LOVING the fabric for those pillows! I haven't been able to go search around yet but I want something similar to that! Will you email me where you went and got the fabric? It would be oh so helpful so I don't drag my kids all over town!!
brookealder@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog!


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