When the drover asked me what i wanted to do for my 25th birthday this weekend i told him i wanted to do something i've never done before. He suggested shooting clay pigeons. Mmmm ok sure. Having never shot a gun before i was slightly worried. But i when i hit the first clay pigeon i aimed at the look on the drovers face was priceless. Well worth the 15 dead arms i received from guns kick. Thanks love for a wonderful day filled with family, new adventures, and some really yummy chocolate cake. It was defiantly one birthday i'll never forget. 






Jon & Jen said...

Happy Birthday Whit!

J.C. & Tiana said...

Happy Birthday whit, the cake looks to die for. Also the good aim must run in the family because I have been know to win a tourney or two for shooting back in my day. It looks like so much fun.

Miss Bear said...

Send some of that cake my way!! :)
Happy Birthday! What a fun/different way to celebrate..love it!!


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