When i saw these books in a catalog a few weeks ago it was defiantly love at first sight. As the drover so kindly put it "you just love that is halfway falling apart and old". True. But i figured i could do the DYI version of the books for much cheaper. Also True. So we searched the local thrift store for some old cheap tattered looking books. And we found some for less than $1 each. Then i did what every child dreams of doing and ripped all the covers and binding off each of the books then tied the groups together with twine. And now a lovely old half falling apart decoration for the old hutch. 


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It's All Good... said...

Whitney, I love that you basically know how to do anything crafty or having to do with remodeling things inside the home! I need you to teach me these things! I love your hutch, it's beautiful and I love the idea with the old books. Hey, did you by chance buy your blog template or did you find it online somewhere? I'm looking to revamp the old blog and I love your header. Have any suggestions where I could find something cute?


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