Tonight we went for a little adventure/date night up north to one of our favorite stores. I've been going to smith and edwards since i was little so a while back i figured it was high time to introduce the drover to all its glory. Imagine a hardware store/home goods store/horse tack/clothing/military surplus/camping/outdoors store all in one. (not to mention the terrific selection of candy) Oh yes- its as crazy and wonderful as it sounds. We could spend hours wandering around not to mention the large sum of money one could spend there. And tonight since the weather was warm and we are in the market for a fire pit we wandered around the outside/junk yard portion of the store. Oh there's a lot of junk- composed mostly of old military items. But in all the mess we did mange to find a decent barrel we think will work for our fire pit and a cute little wood box (that i think once housed ammo) thats destined to become my new flower box. 






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