Truth be told i actually wanted real little fuzzy yellow chicks for easter. When i asked the drover our conversation went something like this..

me: Can we get a baby chick? Think of all the cuteness and the possibly for darling easter pictures. 
drover: You do know they grow up into Chickens? 
me: Yes.
drover: No. mr. dog would freak out. 
me: Please we could build them a coop out back with a nice little fence so mr. dog couldn't get to them. Think of all the eggs.
drover: No. We don't even eat that many eggs. 
me: We could. Please. They are so little and fuzzy! 
(at this point my mom interjects about how messy chickens are- and how you have to clean up loads of chicken poop- blah blah blah) 
drover: See... no chickens. 

It seems no matter how much convincing i try the drover is not budging on this one. So i'm now stuck celebrating easter with some fake bright yellow marshmallow filled chicks. 


the boy and girl. said...

Love it! They are so cute! Ummm... I hate to bring this up.... but you would also have chicken to eat after they grow up! :)

Chelsea said...

We always got cute little chicks and sometimes ducks for Easter. Then they would grow up and we'd keep them out back in the chicken coop. While it was awesome as kids, your mom is totally right--there was so much poop! haha. My mom was a good sport for doing it year after year and I don't think I'll ever do it now that I'm the adult...


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