Last night i finally got the campfire and smores i've been longing for. We slept (using the term slept lightly- between mr. dog waking up every 20 minutes because "something" made a sound and getting rained on twice- i think i slept soundly for maybe 1 hour) out under the stars. But the fire was warm, smores were delicious, the frogs were croaking, and company was delightful- it was great night. 



Sophie said...

i can't believe you guys went! you are going granola on me, aren't you? i'm glad you guys went and had fun though!!

Meg and Brad said...

And here I was going to ask if you just camped in the backyard like I would have!! Nothing like being in a tent in a rainstorm! LOVE it. Weird coming from me - I know. You don't need to remind me, or even question if I've ever really slept in a tent before....I seem to remember us being mooned once......let's just leave it at that!!!
(Make sure your brother reads my comment!!)


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