Have you read the enjoying the small things blog? If you haven't you are defiantly missing out. She is a wonderful photographer and writer but she also finds beauty in all parts of life. Her blog inspires me to document more of our life (so we never forget these moments) and to really find the beauty in life- and enjoy it. So yesterday when i was involved in a car accident (which was not my fault) and things could have been much worse then they are- i'm fine, mr. dog is fine, the other driver was fine, and the car- well not so fine. But it shook me and made me realize there are some very important things in life... like the drover who shows up unannounced to scene of the accident even after assuring him multiple times that we were ok and could handle everything (i tell you that man makes me weak in the knees). And dog seat belts- even though mr. dog wasn't wearing his we learned an extremely valuable lesson about taking the time to buckle him in even if it is a quick trip. And a doctor coworker who came to get mr. dog check him out because he knew thats what i was most worried about. Life is unpredictable and scary but i have so much to be grateful for so i'm going to take the time and enjoy the small things. So tonight when the drover asked if i wanted to go hit a bucket of golf balls I typically wouldn't have gone (golf is not really my thing) but tonight i said yes and i'm really glad i did.  





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Meg and Brad said...

I am so glad you're ok. And Mr. Dog. I didn't even know they made doggy seat belts.....I don't have a dog though!

Did you hit any balls or just snap photos of them?


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