Every wedding as the bride and groom make their entrance i always ask the drover if he wishes it was us getting married today. And he always smiles and answers "nope i'm happy where i am" ahhh he's a good man- i do love him. Weddings are so fun- and little brother 'J' your day was beautiful- and your bride well she is timeless. I loved capturing your day- it was perfect. We are so happy for you two to start your life together- now if you would just give our parents some grandchildren so we can slip back under the radar- that would be much appreciated. 


Chelsea said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! They are lucky to have you.

Meg and Brad said...

I LOVE these! It might partly be because I am a sucker for all things weddings! And they're just amazing pictures! Can't wait to see the pictures from your most recent adventure!

Jenny & Spencer Wall said...

More pictures pleeeease these are beautiful. What a chic couple


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