My love for yellowstone runs deeply through my veins. So deep in fact i believe it was my great great grandpa who ran a sheep camp in and around yellowstone before it was actually a national park. My dad has been kind enough to show and teach me everything he knows and loves about yellowstone- some of my most cherished memories are riding in his truck around yellowstone listening to his childhood stories. And in turn i've instilled my love of the park into the drover- like it or not myself and yellowstone kind of came as a package deal. And so last weekend we were happy to play tour guides to the drovers parents- we had three goals to accomplish. 1) see old faithful- check 2) see a grizzly bear- check (myself and the drover have a reputation to uphold-  we have never been to the park and not seen a bear so we had to find one for them) 3) eat a buffalo burger- check. Overall it was a great trip- and i'm already counting down until we get to go back. 

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Raquel said...

Beautiful pictures!


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