Remember a while back when i mentioned that quick sundown photo trip with the drover.  Well here are the results... and on a side note the Manti temple just happens to be my favorite temple- I tried (unsuccessfully) to get the drover to let us be married there (he preferred the temple much closer to home)- and i remember as a little girl getting up before the sun to go fishing with my dad and watching bats fly around the top- and as the stories go in 1928 my grandma watched from her front porch as the temple caught fire only to be a put out a few hours later- and for all our family the temple marks the gateway to the annual "m" family reunion. Its a beautiful place. 


Chelsea said...

Beautiful pictures whit.

J.C. & Tiana said...

I love the pic's whit I also love this temple and was so excited when sophie decided to get married there. Cause I always want to go in so bad. Then Georgia decided to come early so I still have never been in it.


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