Mr. dog is a sheepdog. Has he ever been around sheep? ahh no. Will he ever be around sheep? likely not. Does he still like to herd things? most defiantly- his favorites are chickens, dog friends, and all our littles. And if you frequent our blog you've probably grown to realize we do love our border collie (very much indeed). So naturally we'd jump at the chance to drive just an hour away to watch the worlds premier sheepdog herding trials. The sheepdogs (one at a time) bring 5 sheep down a mountain side (over a 400 yard vertical drop) through a series of gates then separate the sheep into 2 groups and finish by then herding them into a pen- all in 13 minutes. They are guided solely by listening to their handlers whistles- these dogs are amazing to say the least. Beside from the trials they have a big festival with food, games, booths, and bag pipes. The soldier hollow classic will defiantly continue to be our labor day tradition for many years to come. 

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