For me taking pictures is like therapy. After a long and exhausting day give me ten minutes right before sundown with my camera and i'm a happy girl. There's something calming about that shutter click- something reassuring about its weight in my hands. Its just easy- me and my camera. Oh and of course tonights subjects- mr. dog and his girl "red". 


Alexi - Yellow on the Hill said...

Ms. Red HAS to be a Duck Toller... am I right?

one of these days were gonna set this cirus down. said...

yes she is a toller! Please tell me yours is as vocal as she is?!!! She is our friends dog and we get to be her home away from home! We sure love that cute little crazy girl! Oh and her name is scarlett but i've always called her "red dog" because she looks the same color as the baby buffalo's (they call them red dogs)!


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