I love getting mail- especially when it contains books! I love how our 2011 family photo book turned out (it was made from here). Although i take lot of pictures (like 12,000 from just last year)- i'm really bad at printing them. So i figured a book from each year was the best way to go. I included all our big events like vacations, family parties, holidays, births of new nephews etc- but i also included little events like our lazy sunday afternoons together, yard work, and adventures. I love looking back though it and remembering how much fun we have together- it makes me want to be even better at documenting/photographing 2012! And don't you love the name- it's kinda perfect!


J.C. & Tiana said...

Whit I love the book where did you have it made?

Chelsea said...

I bet your book is gorgeous. and long!


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