lots of iphone photos- finally uploaded...  
1. little baby "H" 2. growing book collection 3. memories 4. a new niece "harper" 
5. red dog 6. culdesac of fire  7. morning howl 8. daddys first girl purchase 
9. progress on baby's room 10. baby mac 11. lifejacket for safety 12. bed hog

13. a sleepy cousin 14. sunday breakfast 15. loves his daddy 16. a new nephew "jude" 
17. sprinkles gone crazy 18. lemonade  19. favorite friends 20. u.s.a soccer game 

for more photos you can find me on instagram @whit26thome

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Anonymous said...

We dont know each other personally I think Hank went there? (I went to Viewmont and graduated in 2002)I love all your photos! If possible could you share the place you go? We are always looking for a quick getaway to somewhere, and some of these lakes and things look wonderful! Thanks for continuing to share!

Lyndsie Wimmer


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