Meet hornet. Named for his ummm horns. Some how this little creature ends up in my bed almost every night- courtesy of mr. dog of course. Nothing like discovering him at 3 in the morning when mass panic set in because theres something warm nestled right by your toes. Ahhh gotta love that boy! 

Things around here have been busy. Family events have kept us hoping around constantly the past few weeks. Weddings, births, mission farewells etc. Summer is defiantly in full swing. And preparing for this little lady to join our family has made things even busier! We been working away on her room- lots of pictures to come! And it only took like 4 trips to the store to finally come home with the crib we ordered. Now we are on the hunt for a suitable dresser- closer and closer. But the good news is that i think we've finally decided on a name- i think. 

Above all else we are spending our last few months enjoying sleeping in, relaxing, and spending time just the two (or three) of us. Boy- is mr. dog in for quite the shocker come December! We're not exactly sure how he is going to tolerate sharing all his attention with a little sister. It's gonna be mighty interesting around here. 

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