Ah my two favorite little ones. They may look all warm and fuzzy together but here's the truth- he (meaning thome- the border collie) does not like Nova. I knew when we decided to have a baby this was one going to be quite a shock for him. After all he (as you can tell) has been the baby for the past six years. He has never been mean to her or acted an any way aggressive towards her but he basically wants nothing to do with her. And by nothing i mean basically ignores her- example: when you put her hand on him like she is petting him and he looks away. Take her hand off him and he looks back- this can go on and on like this for quite some time. She on the other hand already loves to watch him chase his toys and always smiles when she sees him! I had high hopes that it would be instant love but its not. And thats ok. We are working on it- I know as soon as she's a little more interactive and can throw this toys they will be best friends. It makes me so happy to think she will grow up with a sweet kind dog in her life. My childhood dog is one of my favorite and most cherished memories. But for now I'm just grateful he's a gentle sweet dog that will tolerate a few photos here and there.  

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.:Mousley:. said...

oh my heavens! Whitney, she is the most beautiful little thing ever!


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