So "Angry Bunny" on the right- is that not the cutest thing you've seen! Happy bunny is darling but angry bunny- well it just makes you happy! Anyways we had a wonderful easter! Our holidays have always been busy but adding in a baby makes things busier and even more fun! We enjoyed a quiet morning at home then later headed off to all the grandparents houses for dinner and egg hunting! Nova was of course spoiled rotten by all of her grandparents with an entire easter basket at each of their houses! And we are always grateful our parents still have adult easter egg hunts for us! And Thome of course was thrilled to go around collecting eggs and opening them before all the little ones could pick them up! 


Kyle and Jessica said...

She is such a gorgeous little girl! And she looks SO much like you Whit! I am so happy for you guys. You look like you're in heaven :)

Kyle and Jessica said...

I am so happy for you Whit! She is so gorgeous and reminds me so much of you! You guys look like you're in heaven :)

Ashley said...

mmmm k, i love her whit!! every time i see a new picture i have to show josh because she is so dang cute! dear nova, i'm making you a boyfriend...eta 5 weeks-ish. think about it..


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