While in Seattle we ventured to the Pikes Public Market. Neither one of us are seafood fans but we couldn't pass up the chance to watch people throw dead frozen fish around so on warm afternoon we found ourselves wandering around a large quite strange market.
Yep thats my husband, not much into fashion but he sure enjoys his new white sox and bowling belt buckets. go figure.
The market was floors and floor of old stores and old painting on the walls. It was very cool. Kinda like taking a step back in time. I felt like a little mouse trying to find my way through a giant maze.
Here are the fish throwing guys. Order some fish and they would gladly toss him around and pack them up for you. At this point i was eating a chocolate covered strawberry and the smell of the fish made me almost so sick i had to throw it away. almost.

Us in front of the market. Busy place it is. We had to find a tourist we trusted enough to take our picture and not run off with our camera. oh the joys of the big city.
My favorite part of the market was the rows and rows of tulips. They were so pretty. They had every color you could ask for. They were 12 for $10 and i wanted some so bad but we didn't have anything or anywhere to put them. i want to live by a market so hank can bring me home fresh tulips. hint hint

Next up: 12+ hours of baseball in three days. yippy!


Travis and Tia said...

Where's Waldo in your pictures?

Meg & Brad said...

My word - you've been gone for what seem like forever! are you ever coming home?

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Whitney!! Whitney!! Anyone!! Bueller? Bueller? Call Me!! are you home??

Todd & Holly said...

Where are the pictures of the games?? The famous foul ball??


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