River Rat........

On fathers day we spent the day venturing to all of our families, it takes a while when you have so many parents! haha. It was nice to have a day to relax and spend time with our families. For dinner we went out to my uncle and aunts new house in daybreak! If it wasn't so far south and so far west i might consider moving out there, its such a nice area with bright colorful houses, parks and the best part is the man made lake complete with hiking trails. Thome was invited along because his little friend mia (remember our cute little house guest) lives there and they just love seeing each other. Well the little house guest is no longer little and gives thome quite a run for his money, its great! My cousin trisha and i walked the rug rats down to the lake, Mia was quite upside that someone had placed a rock in her lake and she started barking at it and getting really angry. I simply said go get it mia and in she went. I tell you the girl has no fear- in she went and right out to the rock, once she got there she stood on it like she was so proud! So here are some pictures for her mom. Shes a little ball of energy!!!! Too cute!

In case your wondering she is sport a t-shirt thome gave to her that says "sloppy kisser" and here she is demonstrating how perfectly the shirt fits her.

I'll give the boy credit where its due- thome is a pretty dang good poser. He sits so politely for pictures and always puts on a nice big grin. haha

Heres trying to get the two nerds to look at the camera together. They are so easily distracted its almost impossible.

And thats the best it got!

Thanks for showing us around your lake mia! Thome needs to come out and swim sometime soon!

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T-Ray said...

I love the pics. Mia loves Thome so much. She was so sad when he left. I think next weekend is going to be so much fun for her (and a lot of work for you and Thome :) Send me those pics- trishbailey76@yahoo.com


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