certifiably crazy... preview

meet my family. after our photoshoot on sunday i'm quite positive we are all nuts- yes me included. i may have possibly threatened death a few times. one would think we would all be old enough to sit still for a few minutes but no. many hours later i think i may have gotten a few album worthy shots. here's the first bunch.. more to come.


Travis and Quinci said...

I'm so excited! I love all of the pictures! You do GREAT at photography! Thanks for taking the pictures whit!

T-Ray said...

I love em'! They are so cute! What a family!!!!

Meg and Brad said...

You are amazing!! And so creative!! I love it! Brad and I need some pics done of us - think of something fun for us to go do!! I'm serious. Then let me know!

Anonymous said...

wow these are amazingly perfect!! i bet it was a hard bunch to work with though :)
just makes these photos that much more impressive!!


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