on a recent night out browsing with my husband i ran across one of my now favorite books. its simply called:
its a tribute to the threadbare companions of childhood (as stated). its wonderful. could not express my thoughts toward my childhood blanket more perfectly. pinky. i do love her. so i thought i'd share a couple of stories from the book with you.

Harold Oscar Siemor III may seem a long and pretentious name for so small a chipmunk, but he is, after all, made out of real fur. There was a Harold Oscar Siemor I and a Harold Oscar Siemor II, but the McBrides were a rowdy lot, not nearly so refined as Harold. Fortunately there were descendants in the store where Mrs. McBride worked, so as the Harolds' tails got ripped off during rough play, there was another generation ready to take the last one's place.


When Fanny was very little she had four favorite toys: Dolly, Molly, Saulie, and Ollie. Eventually ollie became her most favorite, which created confusion when her brother, Oliver, was born. There had been a long deliberation about what to name Oliver, but in all those discussions it hadn't occurred to Fanny's parents that Oliver would soon be called Ollie, just like Fanny's favorite toy.

"Wheres Ollie?"

"He's upstairs stuck under my bed."

Oh my gosh! Is he okay?"

After a while, everybody in the family agreed to call Franny's toy Ollie and Fanny's brother Oliver because, after all, Ollie came first.

and after reading all the love stories i've made one after none other than..


once covered in small cream colored sheep, pinky was never far from whitneys side. given to her as an infant pinky will forever remain the only blanket of whitneys choice. girls camp, idaho, grandmas, soccer trips pinky was never left far behind. sometimes concealed in a pillow case to prevent any misdeeds or misfortunes, pinky was a constant companion for many years. once a loving grandmother constructioned a new bright pink pinky but it was meant with hesitation and fear. not wanting to hurt pinkys feelings new pinky was promptly given to whitneys next best friend, gretchen the dog. upon getting married to a wonderful man whitney was given no choice but to place pinky away. he would not tolerate dear pinky sleeping in bed with them. after spending one night in a cedar chest pinky was removed and placed in a beautiful frame to hang on their bedroom wall. never far from sight pinky still remains a quiet comfort.

now i challenge all of you to pull out those childhood companions. you all know exactly where they are so don't try fooling me. do them the same honor and write them a bedtime story.


Lace said...

Cute Whit! You're so cleva! My favorite book is "Because a Little Bug Went KaChoo" Love it!

Meg and Brad said...

Yes indeed - mine too was a blanket! I once cried for 5 hours straight b/c my blanket got left in a hotel in Idaho. Dear Aunt Maurie saved the day and had to overnight her home! It was a rough time!


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