our people.

we have people. we really do. honest. we go places with them. our people always want to hang out with us. they give us endless hugs. they are our very own people. they may all be under 6 years old but the best part is they love us to pieces and we feel the same way about them. nieces and nephews they may be but they still are our people. mason, myah, presely and zak you guys are some of our most very favorite people. we are lucky to have people like you.


Holly Light said...

Those pictures definitely capture their 'dorkiness, craziness, weirdness and funny' personalities. Way cute.

Anonymous said...

i must agree that little people are the best people to have! although sometimes they are a bit to honest .grin.

Meg and Brad said...

You are like the best aunt ever! My nephew is like 4 months old - and I haven't even put a picture of him up. Thanks for being a great example!

J.C. & Tiana said...

Whit I love your little people. They are so cute. I love Myah and Mason they are so cute it's hard to believe that such cute and fun kids came out of bryan. I guess they must take after les.

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Sorry I ditched on lunch today... Work is INSANE!!!
I cried when I read your post... It makes me happy to know OUR little people have you for an aunt.. Our little people love you!!
So do we!!


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