hooked on a feeling.

alright i'll confess. i'm hooked on every single one of these little rug rats. meet 4 of my very most favorite people. i love each one of my darling nieces and nephews for different reasons. the little cutey on the end has the most adorably loud laugh- even thinking about it makes me smile. next in line is the man with the biggest heart- he is always good for a hug. that little beauty in the middle in all about the drama- and i love it! and the tall one on the end- well it breaks my heart hes getting too big and old. too old that we just aren't as cool as we once were. i took these pictures as a surprise for grandma for mothers day and i've been dying to post them. sorry for the picture overload but they are honestly too cute too not share. love these little guys and gals lots & lots.

yes- she is as devious as that grin.

{hooked on a feeling-b.j thomas}


HeidiPorter said...

Oh my cuteness! I love them. Number 3 is my fav. for sure. Way to go!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

THANK YOU Whit for all your talent and help as always!! WE LOVE YOU!!


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