fast cars and freedom.

welcome to our redneck saturday night. i was given six tickets to the rocky mountain raceway for the pioneer day races and fireworks. naturally the drover was thrilled- he'd been there was a kid. i was less than thrilled. we invited both sets of our parents and set off. i was pleasantly surprised. the drivers are a little nuts. (you seriously need to watch the figure eights they must be insane) and the company is a little odd. but overall i was really entertained. now i just have to tell the drover that he was right- it was fun.

{fast cars and freedom- rascal flatts}

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Lindsay said...

Oh my heck we went to that a few years ago, it was a blast! When they started doing the figure 8's I seriously don't know if I have ever laughed so hard...it was hilareous! Good entertainment!


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